I have been running ubuntu 7.10 on an old inspiron 1000 laptop that I got my hands on. With a few snags, I eventually got everything running the way I wanted.

However, when i recently upgraded to 8.04, I began to have issues with the wireless. Initially, it didn't connect at all, so i was forced to look into using the windows driver for it. Right now, running the windows driver through NDISwrapper, the laptop will freeze if I boot it with the wireless card in. If I boot without it in, and then insert it after, I normally get 1-5 minutes of connected wireless before the system locks up and needs to be forcibly rebooted.

Inspiron 1000 stock laptop
D-Link DWL-G650 rev B5 wireless card

Any help on this would be very helpful, whether it is a solution to the issue, or the suggestion to downgrade back to 7.10. If downgrade is the solution here, my other question would be how I can go about that without a format and an install from a cd. The laptop's cd-rom is broken, and it's unable to boot from usb. Needless to say, installation on this computer is not fun.

Thanks for any help. ^^