Hi there,

I recently tried ubuntu Hardy Heron, and I couldn't resist to install it on my ACER ASPIRE 5612, keeping (for now) the windows vista it had preinstalled.

Everything went fine, but after a week using it, sometimes gnome jumps to the login screen; I suspect it has something to do with high temperature, so I started monitoring CPUs.

Hey, I thought linux was wonderfully quiet, now I know the CPU fans are never working . Temperature is normally, around 51-53 C, when I start using any program it reaches more than 60 degrees quickly.

I don't know how to monitor the fans or even better how to force start them.

The worst part is, when I restart in vista, fans also stop working!! to be precise, fans start when I power the laptop and stop inmediatly grub is loaded.

I'm tempted to restore my laptop to factory settings, but what I would like actually is to dump windows. Any ideas on how to force the fans to work?

TIA and excuse my english!