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Thread: Atheros Card

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    Red face Atheros Card

    Anyone have a fix to allow my HP Pavilion M7585a with an Atheros 5413 card to connect with wireless. I cant find any drivers or projects that support this card. The Atheros webpage says there is a project which they share the information with the linux community but i dont know the whereabouts of any information or projects.

    If anyone knows anything please let me know in this thread. Thanks.

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    Re: Atheros Card

    Your card is supposed to be supported in the madwifi project. In Ubuntu, it's included in:
    sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`
    The `uname -r` bit is just a way to tell apt-get, 'please match my running kernel.'

    Having said this, there are bugs filed here: and here:

    I do notice, in the second bug:
    try to install the madwifi-trunk download it from snapshot and then compile it... make make install depmode -ae modprobe ath_pci

    I've the same chipset and works very very well with this trunk... or try to install a svn version 2834...
    If you then go to Madwifi's site, it shows instructions for downloading the trunk:
    svn checkout madwifi
    You will need to have a few pre-requisits:
    sudo apt-get install subversion build-essential linux-headers-generic
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