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Thread: slightly OT: two home routers

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    slightly OT: two home routers


    I just got a new laptop for home and bought a wireless router.
    I would like to set it up so that my old router stays and I connect my wireless to it and restrict with mac addresses.

    Sorry, but I am a total noob with home routers, I just plug it in and never review the docs. Is the above possible? They are both Linksys brand.


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    Re: slightly OT: two home routers

    Plug it in and review the docs... I suspect it'll work, but I built my router from an old '486, so I'm not familiar with Linksys routers (but thought you should get SOME response to your thread).
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    Re: slightly OT: two home routers

    If your original router is set to supply IP addresses using DHCP (and it will, unless you have changed it), the new one should plug into that one just fine - just make sure the new one is using the upstream 'internet' socket to talk to the old one. I can't tell you exactly what the labelling will be since I have no Linksys stuff.

    However, what I have done in circumstances like these is to set the wireless router into Wireless Access Point mode, where all it does is give wireless access to the existing LAN. This turns off its routing function. Not all Wireless routers can do this.

    Either way, you should be able to achieve what you want.


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