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Thread: Install iso 8.04 from another linux distro?

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    Install iso 8.04 from another linux distro?

    I tried the Live Cd installation, got the initram error. iso says it was burned ok, but I am not sure it really fits on a CD. Anyway, I don't think the live CD will work unless maybe you burn on a dvd and I do not have a dvd burner. On the other hand, I already have another(2) linux distributions on my machine and no windows, so windows installation is not an option.
    What I want to do is download the iso on my Slack system and try to install from there, with full control over what partition to use and so on.
    If I can do that, I'll give hardy a go. Can anyone point me to the right instructions as how this is to be done? I looked briefly at the live cd and see some exes, which seems to indicate that this is geared to windows users.
    Or is it possible to install from a linux box too?

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    Re: Install iso 8.04 from another linux distro?

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    Re: Install iso 8.04 from another linux distro?

    try this first

    In any case you can't install in the same partition where theres the filles of the cd,the installer insists in formating.
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