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Thread: Network Scanning Problem in Hardy

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    Question Network Scanning Problem in Hardy

    My Epson scanner works perfectly on the local computer it is connected to. However Xsane on a remote computer does not find a scanner. Everything is setup according to the (German) Wiki article. /var/log/daemon on the host says:

    fd-desktop saned[11198]: init: access granted to saned-user@

    saned on the host is member of the scanner group, as are the users on the client computers. The group saned has no users.

    Any hints?


    Scanning is possible if you set user and group both to root in the saned line /etc/inetd.conf - in contrast to what is written in the HowTo and what should be for security reasons.
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    Re: Network Scanning Problem in Hardy

    Before Hardy access to scanners was granted by udev, giving access to the scanner group.

    Since Hardy HAL and PolicyKit grant access to scanner devices for session users.

    See for a solution.


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