Hi there. Im new! To the forum and Apache and Webservers in general

Anyways heres my scenario.... i have an ubuntu setup with DNS and apache2.2

On my localhost, I have various websites (such as webmin, PHPAdmin and NTOP) running on the computer but at different ports, example webmin is http://localhost:10000.

Anyways- is it possible to map my DNS so that if i type in an address say "monitoring.lmcin.com", it will go to the web service thats running on port 10000 on my computer?

E.g. instead of typing monitoring.lmcin.com:10000 (which currently does get me to the page i want to go to)

I can use virtual severs to create a new site with a different DNS entry going to a different www folder, but i dont know how to do it with different ports.

Is this even possible?

Any help apprecitaed. Thanks guys