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Thread: other enviroments

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    other enviroments

    my computer currently has gnome and kde. i was wondering if there are any more that are worth installing. i like a variety. also, tell me if my computer isnt good enough for it.

    it is a pentium 3 prossesor and a 8gig harddrive with 65 gigs left on it. it had a clean hardy install a few days ago, it works fine and dandy for my needs.

    if it is avoidable, please dont make me reprogram anything, cause im 11.
    i can put in commands though.


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    Re: other enviroments

    XFCE is the other popular DE. Install the xubuntu-desktop package to get a complete XFCE desktop (essentially you will have Xubuntu then). Installing the "xfce" package should get you a reasonably complete XFCE installation, and won't install as many supplementary packages.
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