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Thread: ati radeon drivers

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    ati radeon drivers

    I can't seem to get my ati drivers to work..I have a ati radeon hd 2400 pro. Tried to search the forums but could only find help on other ati models


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    Re: ati radeon drivers

    If you are Hardy Heron, enable the hardy proposed repository and install Envy (gtk and common). The rest is obvious!


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    Re: ati radeon drivers

    You might not need to use Envy and from my own experience I would only try Envy as a last resort.

    First of all, go to system-admin-hardware drivers (if it's not Hardy it might be system-admin-restricted drivers or something along those lines). If there's a driver and your card listed there, click to enable and restart. I have a (different) radeon card and that's all I needed to do with Hardy.

    If it's not listed, follow these instructions here, use the second method -

    If you have problems editing xorg.conf near the end of the guide, try sudo nano instead of sudo gedit. For some reason, when I followed this guide it wouldn't let me launch gedit but I could do it in terminal with nano.

    One thing that repeatedly loused up my attempts to install ati drivers in Ubuntu was having two monitors connected. For some reason, if I have a second monitor attached, it boots to a white screen when I reboot, or low graphics mode, and in the end I've just had to forget dual head for now. So if you keep having problems and there's a second monitor connected, disconnect it and try to reboot.

    Good luck!

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    Re: ati radeon drivers

    Better a bad day in the hills than a good day in the office.


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