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Thread: Adding/removing icons in taskbar

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    Adding/removing icons in taskbar

    I'm running Hardy Heron on a triple boot MacBook, having used earlier versions of Ubuntu on my old Dell. I'm having trouble adding and removing icons from the taskbar along the top of the desktop though - I'd like to remove the evolution and help icons that appear by default on install, I'm pretty sure on my old Dell I'd have right clicked them and found an option to remove, but Apple's "command + click" doesn't work as right click here. Also, used to have a system monitor (showing CPU usage, system load, network etc) to the right of the bar but I can't figure out how to add it now!
    Finally, the update manager keeps on popping up a little box telling me to update things that I don't want to. Very annoying, and very windows like. Anyone got any ideas how to turn it off?

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    Re: Adding/removing icons in taskbar

    Well, depending on what Macbook you have, you should follow the wiki page and review how to right-click. Unfortunately for you, CMD+Click is not one of the available options.


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