Thanks for this guide, the installation went perfectly

It really seems like the perfect window manager for me (I love the screen edges) but I have a big problem with the panel behaviour : when I click on the panel, the window gets focused, but stays under the other maximised windows.

I tried all the panels out there (xfce, perlpanel, barpanel, bmpanel, tint, fbpanel, lxpanel...) but I have the same problem.

The only one that works is pypanel...but I have another problem : all the windows related with another window stay on the panel, even after being closed or minimised (ex: plugins config for audacious, search in synaptic, any application that goes into tray, etc). These windows disappear from the panel only after closing the main application.

It's very frustrating because I really love pekwm.

What panel/dock do you use with pekwm? Did you have the same problems?

Thanks for your help