The other day I started to have problems hooking up a mp3 player to my pc.All I can do is explain what happend and see if you guys can tell me what that problem. My brothers gf came over the other day with her mp3 player and went to put songs off of frost wire and the screen froze up and I couldn't unmount the mp3 player. I had to restart it and then plug it back in anddo everything over. What was weird is when I went to go to the restart button on ubuntu it would n't work like that. I mean it was like certine things for ubuntu froze up. Then it happen agin today when I hooked mine up to it. So could it just be ubuntu not liking the mp3 players? Cause the mp3 players that have been used on here in order was a sansa, rca, zen stone plus, and a normal zone( Which is mine). Could maybe a mp3 she downloaded been the problem. Please tell me what you think.