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Thread: Image Format Question

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    Image Format Question

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a general question about image formats.

    I understand that .JPEG is a lossy image format and if you save it over and over again, it will lose quality over time if you save it over and over again. The .PNG format is a lossless format and it will not lose quality over time if you save it over and over again.

    So I was wondering if you load a .JPEG image and instantly save it as .PNG format, will the image lose quality during that save? I know you probably can't till if it lose quality or not, but I was wondering if it lose quality when you save from .JPEG to .PNG or not.

    Thank You

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    Re: Image Format Question

    whenever you save as a jpeg there is additional compression introduced to the image. If you open a jpeg and then save as a png it will not lose any quality during that process however you will not be gaining back the information that you lost when you first made the jpg.
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    Re: Image Format Question

    Thanks a lot.


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