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Thread: No suspend optin on hardy

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    No suspend optin on hardy

    Hello, I'm currently using Hardy and I noticed that the suspend option is no where to be found. My computer was not able to suspend at all when I had Gutsy installed. It just went straight to my screensaver when I tried to suspend it. I have a radeon 9200 graphics card on a desktop computer.

    Thank you very much in advanced!

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    Re: No suspend optin on hardy

    I've noticed that you have posted this issue 4 times total, 3 times today. Please do not do this, if someone has an answer to your question, then they will answer it, posting multiple threads on the same issue just causes confusion.
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    Re: No suspend optin on hardy

    no one was responding after like 3 weeks.
    and i wasn't sure where to post it


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