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Thread: (K)ubuntu doesn't see my HDD

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    Angry (K)ubuntu doesn't see my HDD

    Hi Everybody,
    I would like to install Kubuntu on my PC, but I can't.
    I am booting Kubuntu LiveCD on my PC and everything is ok, but when I want to install it on my PC the installer doesn't see my hard drive. On step 4 in which I should prepare partitions there is only empty window and I can't go to the next step.

    Moreover I tried to install Mandriva, openSuSE, Debian and I also can't install them. But, what is quite strange for me, Gparted form LiveCD and RescueSystem CD are working fine. I am also able to install Arch Linux.

    The problem appeared when I have changed my Motherboard and HDD.
    Now I have:
    HDD: SATA 300 WD Caviar 250GB
    Motherboard: Abit IB9 with ICH8 controler

    Please tell me how to install Kubuntu

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    Re: (K)ubuntu doesn't see my HDD

    There may be a kernel bug relative to that motherboard. A possible workaround is to add the parameter irqpoll to the kernel line. I think you press F6 at the opening menu to add kernel parameters. Add irqpoll to the end of the line, press enter, and continue booting.


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