I don't think the idea was to have a Gnome-CENTRIC desktop, I think they chose Gnome because it represented their ideals more. Ubuntu is, as far as I can tell, about having choices. You can install KDE, which I have done to test out and attempt to get rid of my aversion to it, and it works perfectly. It works better in Ubuntu than it ever has in any other distro I've used, and it isn't supported. That's why I think that you should use Ubuntu, thechris, because even though KDE isn't "supported" it still works, and it works well.

Personally, the fact that Gnome is the default and the fact that Ubuntu does Gnome better than any distro I've ever used make me use it. But it also runs all the other WMs better than any other distro, so just because KDE isn't the default doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't use it.