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Thread: Intermittent sound from my laptop

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    Question Intermittent sound from my laptop

    Hi I'm relatively new to Ubuntu. I would like to ask help on a problem I have with my Ubuntu 8.4 64bit loaded in a Gateway laptop model MX7118.
    The problem is that the sound sometimes works and sometimes does not. When it works, it works great right off the boot up. Sometimes it will not work when I turn the computer on again after turning it off completely or re-starting it.
    Sometimes if I turn it off completely and wait a bit, the sound will work after re-starting it. However, over the last 2 days the sound was stubbornly non-functional. I tried booting up in a safe mode without luck. I finally went to the permissions area (I also have a Mac and those have a permissions repair option). Anyway, I found a permission box for my user name and I checked it and turned the computer off and back on again.... Voila, the sound works again. However, I'm not sure if this is a permanent fix. I'll try to boot up again later today and see if the sound works... This is a vexing problem because I really need to use the computer to play music because I DJ for tango dance parties.
    I'd really appreciate advise or input in ways to diagnose and or correct this vexing issue. I don't know why the sound would work sometimes and not other times... BTW, it does not work most times after re-booting.....
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