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Thread: HOWTO: Install Rubyripper on Ubuntu

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    HOWTO: Install Rubyripper on Ubuntu

    HOWTO: Install Rubyripper on Ubuntu

    Note: These instructions are aimed at Ubuntu 10.04 and above. Results on other Ubuntu releases may vary.

    What is Rubyripper?
    From the HydrogenAudio wiki:
    Rubyripper is a digital audio extraction algorithm that uses cdparanoia in a sophisticated way to make sure that a CD rip is done successfully and accurately.
    How is Rubyripper different from other CD rippers?
    Rubyripper differs from programs like K3b and Sound Juicer because it is much more thorough. Rubyripper rips each audio track at least twice, then compares each rip for differences and attempts to make the most accurate compilation of rips it possibly can. The result? Higher quality, accurate CD rips.

    Unfortunately, Rubyripper isn't yet available in the official Ubuntu repositories. Fortunately, there's a personal package archive (PPA) available which makes installation easy! No more compiling from source!

    1. First, open up the terminal. You can do this by looking in the Applications menu, under Accessories.
    2. Next, copy the following text into the terminal and hit enter:
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aheck/ppa
      This should prompt you for your password.
    3. Then, run the following command:
      sudo apt-get update
    4. Finally, enter
      sudo apt-get install rubyripper-gtk

    And that's it! Rubyripper should now be in the applications Applications menu under Sound & Video.

    If you find you are unhappy with Rubyripper, for whatever reason, uninstalling is a snap.
    1. Simply open up the Ubuntu Software Center under the Applications menu.
    2. Search for "rubyripper" and press the "remove" button next to the search results. Rubyripper will then uninstall.

    Further Resources
    For more information, check out the Rubyripper home page or HydrogenAudio wiki.
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