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Thread: Music manager with compilation support

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    Angry Music manager with compilation support

    I'm looking for a music manager (like iTunes) to use with my iPod. I've tried Amarok, Banshee, Rhythmbox, gtkpod... What I really want is something that supports the Compilation tag, and will keep my music folder organized (also iTunes-style). I have a lot of compilation albums, and I *hate* having all those artist folders with one or two tracks in them. Is there such an application, or maybe a plugin for one of the programs I've already tried?

    (I can't be the only person who has this problem! But it's hard to find relevant results when you're searching for things like "linux compilation" )

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    Re: Music manager with compilation support

    I use amarok, and it does everything you want. To keep your music folder organized, select all the files in the collections menu, right click > Manage files > Organize.

    For albums with multiple artists, even with only one artist per song, amarok stores it under "Various artists." You can modify this behaviour, too.


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