I have a problem getting mpd and Sonata working. I can't get the Sonata player show my music library. I have change the directory in .mpdconf, a file stored in my user directory. The .mdpconf is a copy of the originally mpd.config file installed together with mpd. When I use the Terminal and create db everything seem to be ok, but when I try to start Sonata, there is no list of my music files. Ofcourse I have also started (and restarted) mpd before I start Sonata. The settings in Sonata is also showing the correct music library directory. So, what's wrong, why can't I see all my jmusic files in Sonta?

I used this Swedish guide when I installed mpd and Sonata. The language may be difficult ofcourse, but you can always check the steps made in the Terminal.


Please help me with this important problem!