Hi, I just recently upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 via fresh install, and same with windows vista; however, when i try to boot my computer, i get to the grub choice screen and it says "unable to mount partition" when selecting any os to boot from. Both are on separate hard drives. I think the problem may be that (so far) 8.04 does not mount the vista hard drive automatically and its the one I'm booting the grub from. Is there any way to make ubuntu auto mount the first hard drive? Or is there any other fix for my problem?
So far I am only getting around this by booting from a cd and saying "boot from hard drive."
Now, about my dual screen problem, i have an ati accelerated graphics driver that installed correctly, but i cannot locate any dual screen option, im just asking where I may find one, i have checked most of the "system administration" and "preferences" areas, but may have missed something.We do have the other screen working, but only as a clone screen, not another screen.
Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.