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Thread: synergy connection issue

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    synergy connection issue

    Hi all,
    I have synergy running across 3 machines, the quick info is that I'm getting the following tcpdump info on both server and client.. I've tailed the logs,, looked at top, and monitored traffic to other ports while synergy is "shuddering" but nothing seems to correlate that there's a problem... O and there's no problem with synergy with the 2nd client.. > . ack 35376 win 43648
    when all is fine there's no place holder and a push...
    any incite on why this may be happening is greatly appreciated!

    ..edit... I just rebuilt synergy from source, no joy,, however, now if I restart synergy after the it's been invoked by a gnome startup rule it works fine... aarrgg, any ideas?

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