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Thread: ATI Radeon 1250

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    Unhappy ATI Radeon 1250


    ok... i`m really new to linux, i have run live Cd`s in the past on thoer machines and had no problems but honestly i have little knowledge.

    I have tried a few distrobutions on a new laptop (Samsung R40) and they all seem to freeze up before they load anything graphical. its using an ATI Radeon 1250, could this be a problem?

    Really want to install Ubuntu but i`m not having much luck.

    Can anybody help??

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    Re: ATI Radeon 1250

    I have a Radeon 1200 series in my laptop. It loaded for me, but after installing the drivers it worked better and I was able to use some of the features etc. The only thing I can think of is do a text based install and then install the drivers in command line(I'd personally use Envy). I am not an expert, so please don't take my word as truth.
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