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Thread: [SOLVED] LG Super Multi DVD (GSA-4166B)

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    Angry [SOLVED] LG Super Multi DVD (GSA-4166B)

    Does anyone know if the issue with the LG Super Multi External DVD writer was resolved in the latest version of ubuntu.

    Currently running with 7.10.. The model of the burner is GSA-4166B. I have tried many dvd writer apps without success. With k3b it starts as if it is going to burn then simply hangs.. With GnomeBaker I get the following error.

    /dev/sr1: pre-formatting blank DVD+RW...
    unable to FORMAT UNIT: Input/output error

    I used it on my work xp-laptop, but I can't get it working with ubuntu.

    Help, before I have to go back to the evil butterfly...

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    Re: LG Super Multi DVD (GSA-4166B)

    I've had no trouble with it...and I have 1 int and 2 ext ; (

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