I am new to ubuntu but not to Linux. I'm running a server now on Mandrake 10.0, and formerly ran 9, 8, etc.

Time to do some upgrading and increase reliability. This server is not going to be mission critical but that does not mean I want to lose data and rebuild stuff. I run 4 websites off of it, and do a variety of other stuff - AWStats, some stuff with MySQL databases, etc, and I also need to run Weather Display on it, which requires an X environment, Glib, and other graphical stuff to be present. I would need at least some of the development stuff on there, compiler, etc because some of my applications need to be made and compiled before use and they ask for this that and the other thing usually.

I just bought a refurb Dell Poweredge 2650 cheap. In general it has dual Xeon 3.2 processors (which I assume are 32 bit), 5 SCSI HDs I am hoping to have in 2 RAID 1 Arrays and either save the other drive for a spare or use it for misc junk storage, swap, etc, and 4GB RAM, among less important things.

I need Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Postfix, Bind, remote access via Putty/SSH, and probably other stuff I can't remember, in addition that I would want to be able to login on the console as a user (locked) because the Weather Display (which also "serves" data) needs to run as a user right now and it requires a fully tricked out X environment with most of the goodies. Can I still run Apache 1.3? I think I have one application that won't run on 2.0 but it has been so long since I set this last one up I don't remember. Back then it was as simple as telling Apache to switch run states and run as 1.3 - I don't know if it still is that way.

So, do I download the LAMP Server version and then will have to add all the other crap, or do I download the Desktop version and it still has all the LAMP stuff with it, just in addition to all the desktop stuff?

When I installed Mandrake all I had to do was check all the things I needed off a manu of features at install time and it loaded all the packages I wanted. I haven't done an ubuntu install yet, even though I downloaded the runnable CD of gutsy and played with it a while on my XP desktop machine without installing it. The server version sounds like it comes "stripped" of all the extras, but does the desktop version come stripped of all the server/LAMP stuff?

I'm sure once I get that far and start playing with the RAID stuff that will be a whole other learning experience, but that's for a different day!

Thanks in advance.