I'm trying to look for a (very) low resource Distro.
The Specs
128MB RAM (will soon upgrade add 256MB, removing 32MB, cba to work it out)
Intel Pentium II Processor - 331MHz
40GB HDD (formerly 8GB with jumper set to 3GB)
S3 Trio3D graphics card
Some obscure and old Creative sound card
Slow (40 something x?) CD Drive
Windows XP Professional SP3 (heavily cut down to Windows 2000 size with nLite and SP3 was slipstreamed so don't worry about the post-SP3 installation problems)

The Model
IBM Personal Computer 300GL (1998)

What I've tried
DSL - It was good but... It wasn't good enough. I guess it was because at the time I had no internet
Slackware - Did not install, and it's covered in "Bob" and I won't have anything to do with SubGenius.

The Question
So can anyone suggest a low resource distro? I would prefer something with C interpreters so I can build software, or .deb support

I think I'm more likely to try DSL-n next, but I would like some advice from the experts. When I used Xubuntu my graphics card simply wouldn't play with it.