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Thread: Something Terrible! Just happened (Please Help)

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    Red face Something Terrible! Just happened (Please Help)

    Here is the story About 4 months ago I tried gentoo linux
    But licked ubuntu better so I formatted My drive (Formatted everything Including my /boot partition) and installed kubuntu
    7.10 and about a month later when kubuntu 8.04 came out I upgraded
    to it. everything continued like normal for about 3 months until
    I went to boot up and accidentily hit the DELL MEDIA DIRECT button (the button with the little house on it, It is on most of the newer dell laptops)

    It tried to boot into dell media direct but DOH! It couldint
    because I had formated that partition as well as the vista partition to give me space on my linux system

    Anyway dell media direct gave an error and said "press any key to restart" so I did and that is when I go GRUB erorr 17 I reboted and received the error again, I rebooted again and received grub error 15, Again I rebooted and received 17 I tried booting into dell media direct and shutting my laptop off sevrel times. I tried all sorts of ideas like the one suggested here
    Finally I booted into a live cd of kubuntu and discovered
    that My system had COMPETILY rolled back to when I had gentoo
    installed, All of my data from when I ran kubuntu was
    GONE! LOST! (at least I could not find it)

    I am now finding things like portage and lots of gentoo stuff That I don't Need or want

    Please help me restore my System or at least my data

    My laptop is a Dell vostro 1500 with a 120 S-ATA HDD No Dual boot
    Just linux

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    Re: Something Terrible! Just happened (Please Help)

    I don't know if it will help but you could download, burn System Rescue CD.
    Let us know if that works for you. You can also try the rescue a broken system option that I believe is available from the alternate ubuntu cd.

    Hope that helps.
    Good site to search for guides & how-tos.

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    Smile Re: Something Terrible! Just happened (Please Help)
    Post #1 Is a perfect example of my problem

    I tried the fix in #6 and many others and it did not work
    Sigh...I give up.

    I would have tried What you suggested Except I don't
    have a cd-r and can't get them for a day or so.

    I will just install kubuntu again and try to forget about the data

    Thanks for your help.



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