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Thread: FireFox 2 Resolution Problem...

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    FireFox 2 Resolution Problem...


    I am running Hardy in an HP dv9074cl. Everything seems to be running great until I changed from Firefox (FF hereafter) 3b5 to FF 2.

    Put simple, it's resolution is unacceptable. I can't almost see the text displayed. Text is seen as you might see a COURIER NEW font, size 10, printed in a paper with the lowest printing resolution; very thin lines, almost blurred. I tried to "zoom" the pages (CRTL+Scroll), but that's not what I am looking for. I remember I can see things quite good in 3b5, but I am NOT going back. I did not have this problem with Feisty or Gusty or any other distro (Fedora, SuSE), or in M$.

    I will really appreciate your help in this regard. I am having so much visual problems using FF now in Hardy, and I had to be using my M$ partition (yes... other distros were replaced by hardy...) since the FF 2 downgrade (I need many plugins that are NOT handled by 3b5).



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    Re: FireFox 2 Resolution Problem...

    Try changing the layout.css.dpi property in the about:config page.


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