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Thread: Can't see i.e folder "Mngud" in Windows NTFS partition

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    Unhappy Can't see folders that contain , , or in /hosts. (Wubi installation of Ubuntu)

    I installed Ubuntu 8.04 via Wubi. I can access one of my NTFS partitions, where the Ubuntu is also installed, from /host.

    However, some folders that contain , , , or doesn't show up and I can't open them manually aswell.

    Sorry if this has been already reported and discussed, but I couldn't find any topics about it.

    Thanks in advance,

    EDIT: I noticed it only happens in /hosts partition, but not in other NTFS partitions. I couldn't even make any folders that included , , , in /hosts.

    It seems similar problem was here:
    However the solution to edit the /etc/fstab file wouldn't help me as there /hosts entry doesn't lay there.

    EDIT2: Also found similar thread here:
    But this didn't solve the case there. Also, there is no file "mounthost" that I could edit
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