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Thread: Updating VLC

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    Updating VLC

    Can anyone tell me how to update to the latest version of VLC (0.8.6f) ? I am using the version: 0.8.6e , but I have to update since I am having problems with subtitles. I added the repositories from the VLC site to Synaptic and updated them. However when I still try to install VLC, it says its the latest version (already installed).

    I added the repositories for "Ubuntu Dapper Drake". Does that make a difference? If yes then how can I get a repository or preferably a .deb file for Hardy?

    (Tried building VLC from source, too many problems. I am newbie)

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    Re: Updating VLC

    Basically, NO. Ubuntu does not update most of their packages until the next release. What a stupid policy.


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