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Thread: Hardware lag after 1min idle

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    Angry Hardware lag after 1min idle

    After about 1 minute of idle on my Heron install, my hardware lags.

    Here is a repeatable example.

    I can open a terminal and type 'ping'

    And watch the replies, but after about 1 minute the replies stop. Then I go to move my mouse to click something to figure out what is going on, and my mouse lags hugely from one side of the screen to the other. Then after 5 seconds, my mouse works again, the pings restart, and im fine. Note, I do not get failed ping messages, as the screen itself seems to just freeze at that point.

    If I repeat this example with WiFi, i have to reconnect to the AP each time I have a 'hardware lag'.

    Default install using alternate desktop CD on a Compal JFL92 laptop. 1 ext3 / partition, and 1 swap partition. No restricted drivers installed.

    NOTE: Repeatable problem confirmed to be repeatable on first boot from install.

    NOTE: This was first noticed doing apt-get installs of lots of data. Ping is just a easily repeatable example.

    NOTE: The mouse lag doesnt always happen, but the freeze always happens. During top, watch date, or pings.

    The odd part is the pings take up where they left off, with no large response time. icmp_seq145, wait 5 minutes of freeze, and icmp_seq146 goes right off with normal response.
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