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Thread: problem with windows maximizing

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    problem with windows maximizing

    I'm using kubuntu 7.04 and having a problem moving windows (such
    as firefox or Konsole) with the mouse. When I try to move a window
    (by left clicking on the top border) often the window will
    maximize so I have to click Maximize to restore it to it's
    original size. Sometimes when trying to move a window or a scroll
    bar it starts to move but then slips and hits something else.
    (Sometimes it works properly.) I've tried reinstalling kwin with
    synaptic but that didn't work.

    Or could this be a mouse or memory problem?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: problem with windows maximizing

    I think it's a mouse problem...
    8.10 on HDX16-1050ev
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    Re: problem with windows maximizing

    Thanks, I didn't have another mouse around to test it.
    It occurred to me right after I read your answer I
    could use the live CD to test it without reinstalling
    and it happened again. It appears I need a new mouse.


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