I have a Samsung Syncmaster 913N LCD monitor and an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Graphic card. My TV is connected to the TV-out outlet, and the picture and colour is fine. Only problem is the resolution is too high, probably the 1280x1024 mode that my monitor is running in.

If I open System -) Preferences -) Monitor resolution, the monitor says "Unknown" and if I select "Clone Screens" and click "Apply" and "Close", the settings are not saved. My TV is receiving a cloned image nevertheless.

I seem to recall that the system did indeed detect my monitor in an earlier Hardy installation and displayed the monitor name inside the monitor image, instead of "Unknown" and that the "Clone Screens" was checked.

Should I edit the xorg.conf file or is there another way of reducing the size of the signal sent to the TV? Or maybe redetect my setup?

By the way, if I open "Screens and Graphics" there are two "Screen 1" and it is only possible to select "Disabled" or "Default Screen" for either...