I am not an apple enthusiast at all. But I have the possibility of getting a new macbook for a very low price (basically free). I plan to buy it and use ubuntu. BTW, it seems that linux has a lot of problems to run on mac, basically because of its silly BIOS. My question is: is it really the case? In the macbook wiki, it seems that nothing works out of the box: you have to update firmware for installation; you cannot make more than 2 partitions; sound, microphone, webcam, wifi, bluetooth do not work out of the box. Also, lots of issues on screen, fonts, mouse (do 2 or 3 buttons mouses work on apple?).

My question is: is it really the case, or ubuntu on new macbook work out of the box by the end? I mean, also linux on PC suffers several bugs due to poor driver support, but the average user experience is pretty smooth (none is so unlucky/stupid to get completely unsupported hardware).

I would appreciate any answer, expecially any fast one, since my deal with the macbook expires tomorrow.

Thanks a lot