After a lot of fiddling around in alsamixer within Kubuntu Hardy (AMD64), I finally got my Audigy2 Platinum Pro to give me sound with my Mic. I'm having trouble figuring out how exactly I did that, though.

This card has the external i/o bay, and that is where I have my Mic plugged in. I can't get my Mic to work plugging it in the back of the sound card. Anyway, none of the mixers in alsamixer seem to be controlling the Mic volume at all. The only thing that controls it is the knob on the external i/o bay! I don't get it!

Literally, none of the bars in alsamixer make a difference except master. At first I thought that someone the i/o bay was directly bypassing to my speakers because I also use the Optical Out on the i/o bay for my speaker system. However, all sound recording/capturing devices are picking up my voice.

This wouldn't be a problem except that the Mic is always being reproduced through my speakers (like an echo).

Maybe I'm a terrible googler, but I just can't find any consistent/complete solutions for getting a Mic to work with this sound card anywhere despite it seeming to be a popular card. Please help.