Ok, I went into screens and graphics. My monitor is not listed as a manufacturer there. I have a Xerox XG-70D LCD panel. I have tried getting the resolution up to 1280x1024, but every time I have done that, the screen says "1280x1024 60Hz out of range" and I was forced to reinstall the OS. The specs for the screen are as follows:


Diagonal Size: 17"

Viewable Size: 17"

Dot Pitch / Pixel Pitch: 0.264 mm

Max Resolution: 1280 x 1024 / 75 Hz

Max Sync Rate (V x H): 75 Hz

Response Time: 16 ms

Signal Input: DVI-D, VGA
So apparently i need it to be at 1280x1024@75 but the section in the xorg.conf where the resolutions can be changed is missing. In the screens and graphics panel, how do I do this with out the proper one being listed? I tried with generic LCD panel, but i cannot change the refresh rate from 60Hz - no other options are present.

All I want to do is set it to 1280x1024 from this 1024x768 that it is at now.