I have been accessing data on several computers on my network for some time now, with no significant problems. My computers all started out as Windows XP machines, but I have been systematically migrating them, one by one, to Ubuntu. Now I have only one Windows computer remaining, and today, for the first time, I found it necessary to access data on an Ubuntu-Linux machine, from another Ubuntu-Linux machine. The two machines did not see each other, but neither had any shared folders either. So I went to the machine I needed to access the data on, and set u p a shared folder. The other machine (the one that needs the data) can now see the other machine (the one with the shared folder), but I have a problem. All my computers had belonged to the [Windows] workgroup "Sierrans". Now, when I go to "Places > Network", I first see "Windows Network", as I always have, but when I click on that icon, on the computer without any shared folders, I see two workgroups, Sierrans, and "workgroup". The Linux machine with the shared folder is in "workgroup", and the only remaining Windows machine is the only machine that shows up under Sierrans--all the other computers have disappeared from Sierrans, and do not show up in "workgroup" (as well they shouldn't, because they are all [supposed to be] in Sierrans. The Linux machine with the shared folder now only displays "workgroup"; it no longer sees Sierrans at all. Now I never did anything, as I converted the computers over to Linux, to cause them to be in Sierrans, they just showed up there, by default. So, I'm guessing I left out a step or two, which is why they all disappeared today. Besides wanting to get them all recognized by each other again, I do not want a workgroup named "workgroup"; I want all the machines in Sierrans, but the system would not let me move the one machine out of "workgroup", or delete "workgroup". The message was "operation not supported by back end" I even did the unthinkable, and logged in as root, to see if I could change the group the one machine now belongs to, or delete "workgroup" if I had root privileges, but I got the same message. I realize I'm working with Windows concepts under Linux here (Linux even identifies the network as "Windows network"). So, what do I need to do to get all the machines to be nice and share data again, and to get rid of the unwanted workgroup "workgroup". The one machine that is still a Windows machine belongs to my son, who plays lots of games, and isn't too keen on converting his machine to Linux--and I need to be able to keep it in the network, if I can, so he can have access to the printer and scanner. I hope there is a relatively simple answer to this. If not, I hope there is a good "how-to" that someome can point me to (I looked through the tutorials, but didn't see anything that looked like it would address my situation). In any event, any helpful suggestions, or information anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated.