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Thread: Wireless Changes?

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    Wireless Changes?

    Alright so we all know about the fuss from wireless and people asking constantly about the installation of a wireless card/usb/etc etc. Here's my question:

    With the release of Ubuntu 8.04LTS, what changes have been made to make this more user friendly/easier to get through? Personally I never got it working and thus never used 7.10 to its full potential at all. Are there any changes even?

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Wireless Changes?

    I think that depends on your wireless card. I have an atheros wireless card and it works out of the box. If you have a wireless card that additional drivers need to be installed, i would hook up to a wired network boot from a live cd and check if you card shows in system -> administration -> hardware drivers. This utility seems to have improved since the last release though i can't say exactly how because my hardware is well supported. If you have a card without a linux driver the process may be more difficult because you have to use ndiswrapper and windows driver files. I'm not very familiar with that process and i don't think that there is a built in utility to streamline that process.
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