I'm on a laptop which I mostly only use myself, except for a guest login I like to keep for family to use whenever I'm not hogging the machine. So now I'm happy enough with my KDE setup and I thought I'd try to copy my settings to this guest user, to as large an extent as possible.

I began by basically copying the contents of ~/.kde to /home/guest/.kde, quickly replacing all occurences of 'zorael' with 'guest' in the (textual) files in there. Then I realized I needed to grab ~/.config/menus to get the kmenu entries transferred, too - but while the menu architecture was transfered, the entry names and descriptions were not.

I even tried copying /var/tmp/kdecache-zorael/ksycoca to ../kdecache-guest/ and then doing kbuildsycoca, but that didn't do anything. I'd really like to avoid having to do this all over again, and keep the entries consistent over both users.

Is there a file I'm missing someplace, that will fix everything?