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Thread: Hardy desktop effects slightly slower than Gutsy

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    Unhappy Hardy desktop effects slightly slower than Gutsy

    Hi All,

    I ran the automatic update from gutsy to hardy last night. Most things seemed ok, had to change a few things to get my second soundcard working again but other than that we're looking good.

    Main issue was it seemed to default all of my desktop visual effects. Quite annoying. After putting everything back to the way it was I've noticed that it's a little slower than before.

    I have wobbly windows switched on and the normal fade effects when opening and closing a window. When I open a large window, instead of fading in nicely, for a split second that whole area is black then the window appears as normal. This isn't so bad, just a bit annoying.

    Another issue is seen when I have the desktop flipping effect on (when you move the middle mouse wheel it flips over to the next workspace) This works fine, but when I try to drag a window across, during the flip over the window gets very distorted and loads of black shapes get drawn on the screen. These vanish as soon as you stop moving the window.

    I cant quite put my finger on it but everything seems just that little bit slower, not choppy or really noticable... It just feels ever so slightly different. Like only I would notice it as its my system sort of thing...

    Yes I spend alot of time on it lol.

    I'm running on a Pentuim D 2.8ghz Dual core. 2GB DDR2 533 and Nvidia Geforce 7300LE (256mb ram, and a further 256 shared with the main memory)

    Time for a gfx card upgrade maybe?
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