Hey, I just got my new gazelle in the mail today, and I must say I'm quite impressed with everything so far. My issue right now though is that my wireless is not able to connect to my network at home.

Since my router isn't in the best location in my house, I found that with WPA security enabled it kills the connection distance, so I'm using MAC filtering. First to describe what happens:

I can left-click the network manager and see my network (as well as a few others from the neighbors). I'll click my network to attempt to connect and there is just the "swirly" icon that happens for a bit, and it gives up and reverts to the wired connection that is hooked up.

Once that did not work, I did all the easy things you would think of such as restarting the router, trying with/without MAC filtering, trying with/without WPA-PSK security, and it gives me the same thing each time. I've tried doing a manual configuration and actually typing in the specific details for my network and that did not work as well. I'm new to Ubuntu and linux so I would probably have more ideas if it were on a windows machine, but I think I've exhausted everything I know how to do on my new laptop.

And one more thing that is nitpicky, the lower right hand corner of the keyboard (where the right arrow is) is curled up slightly. Nothing that affects actual use of the keyboard, just a little OCD thing I noticed. Any recommendations on how to tinker with that to bend it back?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Router is a Linksys WRT54GX4 if you're curious.