I built a new machine with a sempron 3600+ 2GB of DDR2 RAM and an EVEGA 8500GT video card.
I have another computer with a 3000+ 768 MB of ram and a 6200GT video card.

The new one I built is running Hardy, the old one is running, Gutsy. My box running Gutsy is able to run games under wine and my Hardy box is not. The three games I'm going to cite here as examples are
Tomb Raider Legends
Quake II
Guild Wars
All of these have a gold if not platinum rating in winehq appdb. All of them work flawlessly under my gutsy installation:
None of them work under my hardy installation.

My question is, are their any known distribution specific bugs regarding wine and Hardy?
I have tried compiling the latest version from winehq.org. I have tried installing from apt. I have tried installing the same source version I have on my other machine. Each time I start with a new .wine directory and run a new winecfg and put my settings in.

Anyone else experiencing this?
wine builds/installs correctly.