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Thread: [SOLVED] Portege's extra keys

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    [SOLVED] Portege's extra keys

    Hi all
    This is my very first posting so please be kind.
    I have a Tablet PC with some extra keys and a funny little
    joy stick next to the tablet screen. I am using Hardy on it and have everything working BUT these keys.I have read a LOT of threads here at
    Ubuntu and other sites about this very problem. Part of the issue is that on this Tosh. these keys I am talking about produce the same scancodes and keycodes as my 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 keys as well as the Super_R key. Many of the postings are about reassigning some of these keys but that screws up the keys with my virtual keyboard (OnBoard). I did find some direction of using the Configuration Editor and setting some commands in the Metacity app, this works to call up other apps or even a script.
    SOOO what I am looking for is some help in writing some scripts that would send a key event and release like if I had press a key like... say the Up key. then I could call up this script from the Meta app. I think I am looking to run a key string from the script.
    FYI I know of scripting and changing it a little bit BUT am not savvy enough to write such scripts from scratch.
    Please help...I am sure that others can feel my pain about the same issue.

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    Re: Portege's extra keys

    does anyone have any help to offer?


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