Dear Tom,

You said that it's OK to ask more questions, so here goes.

I thought of this tonight and I realized that these are pretty important questions.

1. Is there someway to do like 7 pass wipe (a Mac would do a 1 pass wipe, 7 pass wipe, and a 35 pass wipe, via an install disk) of the hard drive on your computers?

If so, how would one go about doing that? Would I have buy more software to wipe the hard drive? Or what?

2. Is there a way to "flash" the BIOS without having to mail the box back to you guys there in CO.?

The 9 "good months" that we had our I-Mac G-5 on the internet, I wiped the hard drive and re-installed the OS, 11 times.

He finally found a way around what I was doing, but it took him nine whole months to do it.

And I can tell you whenever I re-installed the OS, it really P.O.ed him in a big kind of way! LOL

Secondly, the BIOS. On our HP, HP demands that you mail the box back to them, and they then charge you to flash the BIOS.

The only real way around this, is buying another mother board with a kind of generic (or non HP) BIOS on it.

That would wreck HP's little capitalist party now wouldn't it?

As it stands, there's an unremovable "smiley face" program on the BIOS of the HP that has some sort of Administrator contol over the whole box, and a keylogger in it as well.

If this should happen again, I want to know that I can solve it by myself, or with help from you guys here at the Ubuntu Forums.

It seems wrong that I cannot "flash" a BIOS, on a machine that I OWN.

Thanks again for your time. Very kind.

Orca Wave