Hi, I have a lat d505 as my work machine, and the wireless suddenly stopped working the other day- computer freezes for a second, then the internet stops responding. If I shut off networking, it won't turn back on, and now if I start the machine up it is not even recognizing that there is a wireless card installed. If I shut it off and reseat the card, sometimes it recognizes the card but as of last night I can't get it to get any networks. The first time I noticed this was 3 days ago- I was downloading a podcast directly to my ipod (runnign rockbox, so it appears as a drive) and the computer completely froze. Every once in a while it was still trying to download that file. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. What are some software possibilities? I installed, on Monday, the ubuntu studio audio packages, inlcuding the rt kernel (not booted into that when this is happening), could that be affectign something? My IBM laptop, which runs ubuntu much better, is out for repair but I can't wait for it to come back. But in the name of science, before I do a reformat of the dell, what could cause something like this? If it is a hardware failure, then it is under warranty (how happy will the dell tech be to show up and find ubuntu on the machine? $10 say they blame ubuntu even if i is a hardware issue!). Anyway, I look forward to some thoughts-Mark