1. How can I make it easier to grab the corner of the window to resize it? (I know about alt+middlemouse resizing.) there's like 1 pixel of area where i can grab the corner to resize.

2. How can I remove the label/name of an icon on the desktop? It won't let me use nothing or space for a name. I remember having a Firefox shortcut on my desktop with no name in gutsy, I forget how I did it though.

3. How can I make it so when i click and hold both mouseleft and mouseright when the cursor is on the desktop it lets me turn the cube with my mouse? I remember having it do that on my old install, but cannot manage to figure it out now. Which plugin in compiz and/or how do I set the binding?

4. Is there a way to make Super(windows-key)+D toggle (not just one way) 'show desktop'? Or any similar solution?

5. Is there a way to make Super open AND close the main menu?