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Aaargh!! Thank you guys!! Very very very much!! You saved my virtual life!

I lost my Grub / MBR and YOU restored it!

After searching too much time on the web, I fell on this topic. I read it completely and applied a mix of your solutions.

Here's the steps I followed to restore GRUB / my initial MBR:

1. Boot with any live CD (I've done it with Ubuntu Live DVD)
2. Get a root shell -> Applications / System Tools / Root Terminal
3. Make a folder -> mkdir /mnt/ubuntu
4. Check the Ubuntu partition -> fdisk -l (Mine is /dev/hda4)
5. Mount the root partition of Ubuntu -> mount -t ext3 /dev/hda4 /mnt/ubuntu (replace /dev/hda4 by your Ubuntu partition determined at the step 4)
6. Chroot the mounted partition -> chroot /mnt/ubuntu
7. Restore Grub / the initial MBR -> grub-install /dev/hda
8. Exit the shell
9. Reboot

That did the trick for me.

Thank you very much again to all of you! ( :bigsmack: )
Hi All,

I ran out of space on my original HD and am trying to get a cloned version on a larger drive running but am hitting a large brick wall. The closest I seem to have come so far is to boot with the live CD and try the suggestion above. The problem that I'm running into however is that it won't seem to let me mount the partition. Using fdisk -l to get the partition info to mount I see /dev/hda5 as Linux LVM with an id of 8e. When I try and mount /dev/hda5 I get: /dev/hda5 already mounted or /mnt/ubuntu busy

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...