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Thread: scanner install woes

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    scanner install woes

    xubuntu 7.10 w/ kde on P4 Biostar P4M80-M4 2.4gHZ 2.0mb ram HP Scanjet 3970
    BTW, I am a beginner, so I had posted this in Beginner Talk, but in after thot maybe itshould go here. Sorry.

    I have been struggling to get my scanner working using various info found thru google pages.
    My last attempt using has netted me some success, in that ubuntu finally sees scanner.

    found USB scanner (vendor=0x03f0, product=0x2305, chip=rts8822L-01H?) at libusb:005:009

    following directions [section5 Testing your scanner] thru shell I did:

    labud@LGraBow:~$ scanimage --list-devices
    device `hp3900:libusb:005:009' is a Unknown RTS8822 chipset based flatbed scanner
    labud@LGraBow:~$ scanimage hp3900:libusb:005:009 --format pnm > outfile.pnm
    scanimage: open of device hp3900:libusb:005:009 failed: Access to resource has been denied

    the above website then tells me I must [Section 7 TroubleShooting] have read & write access and to do that the following command is to be called

    chown root.scanner /dev/usb/scanner*

    ...where root.scanner are the owner and group the device will now belong to. Obviously the specific command will vary by your system and the type of device, whether /dev/sg* on SCSI scanners, etc. It is important that you change the ownership of the device node itself and not the symlink; symlinks' ownerships are affected only by changing the parent devices or files they point to.

    To see if your user account is a member of the group in question, as root issue the following command: grep -e scanner /etc/group. You should see something like the following:


    this was the respose I got:
    labud@LGraBow:~$ sudo grep -e scanner /etc/group

    As far as I know I am labud, so why wouldn't I have access to scanner?

    then I am supposed to do the following:

    After this it's simply a matter of allowing read and write access for the user in question of the device like so:

    # chmod g+rw /dev/usb/scanner0

    I have looked in /dev/usb and the only file there is Ip0

    I am lost. Can anyone help me, please?

    P.S. On a more positive note, I have successfully loaded video driver for S3 Unichrome, my printer works and I am running Winmx thru Wine. So all is not bad, but this scanner problem is infuriating!

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    Re: scanner install woes

    Well Well Well
    Problem seems to have solved itself!
    On my next reboot, I found that scanner was working properly.
    So, whatever I [?] did, maybe that [obviously] did the trick.

    Onward and Upward


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