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Thread: Ubuntu will install...but not boot up!

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    Exclamation Ubuntu will install...but not boot up!

    These are the steps I took to where I am now:

    (60 gig hard drive, 512mb ram, Athlon XP2000+, Nvidia 6200 AGP, 1280x1024 running resolution)

    1. Low level format
    2. Install Windows XP
    -setup a 30gig NTFS partition
    3. Windows XP successfully installs on the 30 gig partition
    4. Install Ubuntu 8.04 (CD is free from errors)
    -manual partition setup

    >created a 512mb swap partition set as Primary
    >created a "whatever space is left" partition set as EXT3, mounted as /

    5. Install successful.
    6. Reboot (without CD in drive)
    7. Ubuntu logo keeps looping the "loading" bar.

    I'm pretty sure this is because the primary / EXT3 partition was not set as BOOTABLE: YES ..because there was no option for me to select when using the partition manager from Ubuntu . I'm using the CD right now as Live session user and I would really appreciate any help that wouldn't take me down the road of low level formatting, re-installing XP and such. I just want Ubuntu to boot.

    Thank you so much guys!
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