Hey all-

I've been using Dapper on my oooold Dell Latitude C610 for a while, and it's been quite good. Recently, though, I ran into a problem.

I just moved from an apartment with a wireless connection. My wireless there worked fine, but when I moved to another place and tried to connect there, I was out of luck. After some tinkering with the Gnome Wireless applet, I got it to acknowledge the network, put in the WEP key, all that. IT shows that it's connected (the little computer icon on the tray flashes occasionally, the strength bars are all lit up) but I can't access the internet. I know there -is- net, because there are others who are using it just fine, but I can't seem to get any. When I right-click the little icon and it comes up with the stats, I'm receiving 0 packets but sending out a ton. Help please? I can paste terminal excerpts, just unsure what to post really

If it helps, the last network had no key; this one has WEP.